Tele-Seminar: Road Map for Your Money: How to Create a Personal Budget

Do you wonder where your money goes?
Would you like to have more money in your bank account?
Would you like to feel financially free?

If you do not have a written budget (well, some people prefer to call it a spending plan) for your personal spending, you have been putting off the single most positive step you could take for your financial well being.

Join The GPS Girl® Karen Jacobsen for a Tele-Seminar to move from the passenger seat to the Driver's Seat around your spending.

We'll walk through the process of creating a simple budget for fixed expenses and discretionary expenses sketching out a Road Map for your spending.

Fee:  $44.00

A recording of the tele-seminar will be available once payment is received.

Price: $44.00


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Tele-Coaching Series: The GPS Girl’s Guide to Getting More of What You Want

Do you want to create a path and a plan to get more of what you want in business and life?

Spend 5 weeks with The GPS Girl Karen Jacobsen navigating you through The GPS Girl's Guide to Getting What You Want 5 Week eCourse.

Join Karen Jacobsen for 5 Tele-classes to learn five turn by turn directions for how to use your internal GPS system to recalculate along the way to getting more of what you want on a daily basis.

If you are ready to have clarity around what you want, a path to get it and a step by step guide to recalculating along the way, you will experience a tangible impact.  Learn from a woman who moved from small town Australia to build a life in New York City, recalculated her way through massive debt to being debt free and has a relentless commitment to getting more of what she wants.
- Productivity:  By no longer wasting or losing time on tangents, obstacles or being stalled by indecision, you can quickly bounce back and redirect your efforts where you know they will make the difference.
- Momentum:  When you know where you are headed it is easier to accelerate, take charge, manage and lead.  Reduce the hassles, drama and stress along the way.
- Performance:  You are more likely to reach your destination, whether it's increased revenue, profit, service, relationships or however you define it, when the terms for success are identified and measurable.  Especially when you know it's never too late to recalculate.
Karen's practical tools will give you:
more focus
more direction
more confidence
and control
Join LIVE for the tele-classes.  All participants receive recordings of the classes to listen at any time.
Monday, May 26th 8PM (EST)
Class #1
Monday, June 2nd 8PM (EST)
Class #2
Tuesday, June 10th 8PM (EST
Class #3
Monday, June 16th 8PM (EST)
Class #4
Monday June 23rd 8PM (EST)
Class #5
Registration:  $795 which includes a BONUS 90 minute one on one Coaching Session with Karen Jacobsen The GPS Girl to get crystal clear about what YOU want and how to get it.
About The GPS Girl® – Karen Jacobsen Karen Jacobsen speaks, sings and gives directions for people what want to create a path and a plan to get more of what they want.  Aussie born and New York based, from one voice-over booking resulting in her voice being in over 100 million GPS units worldwide , Karen created her brand The GPS Girl®, giving directions for life and business by showing how “recalculating” drives performance.  An award-winning Singer and Songwriter, Karen’s musical career highlights include: sharing the stage with Norah Jones, Neil Sedaka and Christopher Cross and singing the national anthem at many major sporting events including  80, 000 people at Giants Stadium for a New York Jets game.  A TEDx speaker, Karen has appeared on the NBC Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, in The New York Times, NY Daily News, Glamour magazine, was named one of People Magazine’s Most Intriguing People in 2010 and hosts her own web series “Navigating New York with The GPS Girl®”.  Karen’s voice is in demand in the studio as a Voice-Over artist recording customized voice systems and advertising campaigns, and live as a speaker for Corporate events.  As an Author, Karen’s new book on “Recalculate” follows her journal book “The GPS Girl’s Road Map for Your Future” .  To read more visit

Price: $795.00


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