It has been a rough few days. I am used to feeling bouncy and I am so completely solution oriented, that the weight of the reality of this time knocked me down.

I have one word for you.


Oh, I have another word for you.


My friend Francesca made a music video and when I read about her experience it totally inspired me.

My friend Jenny was listening like such a good, good friend to me about how darn upsetting this all is (yes, I know, privilege, and yes, I know, very fortunate) and I asked her how on earth she makes the amazing videos she makes for her music.

One zoom tutorial later I have MADE MY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO!!

The song Merry Go Round is from long ago – and it is on my record “Melting Moments”/”Kissing Someone Else”.

May it uplift you – these actors look so beautiful and happy in this footage. Super gratitude to the creators on pexel and dashable.

What do you think? XOXO

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