When I was first asked to be involved in this project, it was humbling to think I would be part of sharing such a life saving message.

I Touch Myself Project launched in 2014, following the passing of celebrated diva, Chrissy Amphlett of Divinyls.

Chrissy was passionate about spreading awareness of the importance of early detection and wanted the global hit song I Touch Myself to be adapted as an anthem for breast health around the world. The Project was created in Chrissy’s honour with a mission to create educational forums to remind women to check their breasts regularly and to take action if there are any changes.

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Share with the women in your life so we can all be empowered around our health.

“When you ask one of the world’s most recognisable women how to check your breasts, she doesn’t know.

But when it comes to the male anatomy, she knows everything. She can tell men how to check for signs of testicular cancer. And she responds equally to any other number of euphemisms, slang words or pet names we use to describe testicles.

Why the gender bias?

She’s not alone. Other voice assistants also can’t answer important questions about breast health. The I Touch Myself Project partnered with the woman behind the voice, Karen Jacobsen, to help. Because every woman should know how to touch herself.”