When was the last time you sat down and made an actual plan for what you want and how you are going to get it?



The Recalculate Your Best Year Yet one day event is designed for exactly that.



For an entire, glorious, New York spring day, we’ll create a road map across 7 areas of life, get priorities crystal clear and take timeto make plans like you’ve never made plans before.


Do you want to bounce back more quickly when things don’t go the way you want them to?


You’ll learn when and how to recalculate throughout the day to build momentum, increase productivity and be happier while you do it.

You’ll come away with:


more clarity
more confidence
more focus
and feeling more invigorated aboutwhere you are headed.


Not only will we have an amazing time, but you will leave with actual actions to take so you can reach YOUR destination.


Registration for this event is OPEN:

 Early Bird Rates Available!!

Saturday, April 5th
9:00am – 7:30pm
Prince Street Lofts
New York City


For more info email our event team:


Join Karen Jacobsen – thegpsgirl for a day where she will powerfully guide you to create your best year yet.During this exclusive one day workshop, Karen will walk you through the following strategies:


■ Get crystal clear on your priorities for the year ahead to have real direction for your best year yet.
■ Identify roadblocks between you and what you really want and ways to “Recalculate” when you find yourself off-route.
■ Sketch out a Road Map across seven areas of life to set yourself up for an incredible 12 months.



About The GPS Girl® – Karen Jacobsen

Karen Jacobsen speaks, sings and gives directions for groups who want to drive their performance.  Aussie born and New York based, from that one voice-over booking Karen created her brand The GPS Girl®, giving directions for life and business by showing how “recalculating” drives performance.  An award-winning Singer and Songwriter, Karen’s musical career highlights include: sharing the stage with Norah Jones, Neil Sedaka and Christopher Cross and singing the national anthem at many major sporting events including  80, 000 people at Giants Stadium for a New York Jets game.  A TEDx speaker, Karen has appeared on the NBC Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, in The New York Times, NY Daily News, Glamour magazine, was named one of People Magazine’s Most Intriguing People in 2010 and hosts her own web series “Navigating New York with The GPS Girl®”.  Karen’s voice is in demand in the studio as a Voice-Over artist recording customized voice systems and advertising campaigns, and live as a speaker for Corporate events.  As an Author, Karen’s new book on “How Recalculating Drives Performance” follows her journal book “The GPS Girl’s Road Map for Your Future” .  To read more visit