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Here is the back cover art and full track list for all 10 of the songs you will be able to enjoy when your copy of Destination Christmas arrives in the mail.

Destination Christmas back cover


3 reviews for Destination Christmas (CD)

  1. Kevin Scott Hall

    The hardest working gal in showbiz is The GPS Girl, Karen Jacobsen. The singer/songwriter/pianist/author/voiceover artist/speaker has just released her ninth recording and first Christmas collection, “Destination Christmas.” Her tender soprano caresses this material, whether it is more traditional fare like “Silent Night” or “Let There Be Peace on Earth” or the more girl-group sounding selections with percussive rhythms and layered harmonies. Jacobsen also co-wrote three of the songs, all nice additions to the holiday canon. My favorite is “The Day After Christmas Day,” a unique idea set to an infectious melody with waves of ear-pleasing vocals. She brings a modern-sounding, sensual spin to “Santa Baby” and turns George Michael’s “Last Christmas” into a very effective torch song. Destination Christmas” is a great place to start your music shopping this season. -Edge Media Network.

  2. Mike

    I listened to “Destination Christmas” this evening and it is beautiful! Do yourself a favor and get this Christmas collection. It’s worth getting a copy for all your friends. I get nothing for saying this except the satisfaction of sharing brilliance. Karen’s voice and piano are… elegant. My favorites? “Santa Baby,” “Silent Night,” and “Last Christmas.” But it’s all good.

  3. Danielle

    I am the first to admit that, by nature, I am not a ‘holiday song’ person, yet after attending Karen’s CD release of this album a few weeks ago, I am a convert!! My parents played the classic Christmas CDs in the past and I listened, as one must at this time of year. Now I am the one who hasn’t been able to stop playing a Christmas CD! Karen Jacobsen’s CD is truly a beautiful, contemporary holiday CD. This CD has something for everyone- classics approached with all of the sensitivity that you would hope for, Australian carols that will delight you and a few original songs that will touch you and make you smile. I love this CD and I’m sure that you will too!

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