For a creative, to go viral is an exciting prospect. I have enjoyed some super major media coverage (being a clue in The New York Times crossword puzzle was right up there!) but I almost missed the opportunity to be part of a documentary series that actually did go viral.


Great Big Story is an uplifting mini documentary series, first started by CNN in the US, and more recently resumed by Why Now in the UK. I received an out of the blue email which I wasn’t quite sure was real. I responded with caution, and we set up a call. Now I have long term expertise with time zones, but on this occasion, in the midst of moving house, end of school year parenting and a work travel schedule I actually missed the zoom call with a producer to hear more about the possible filming. After overcoming my embarrassment (this is a most unusual occurrence) we rescheduled. Their proposition sounded too good to be true. Yes, we understand you are in Australia. Yes, we will hire a film crew to come to you wherever you are and film for a day. Yes we want to tell your story.

Fast forward, and we filmed in Toowoomba, Queensland where I was visiting my parents for the Christmas holidays. Spirits were high on the day with the outstanding film crew and I LOVE that this series focuses on uplifting and inspiring stories. Launch day arrived. On February 18th of 2023 Great Big Story relaunched their entire series with my story as the very first one.

To my delight this video has had well over a million views, and people who are big fans of the show have reached out to me from around the world.




I’m here to share that one unexpected email or message can be the one; even a seemingly random note or message on instagram messages, but that’s a story for another time.

I was recently introduced to this most beautiful quote by Anita Moorjani: “All you have to do is relax and be yourself and what is yours will come to you in the most unexpected and magical ways possible.”

It is never too late to recalculate.