I Am Newly Vegan – Where Do I Start?

Perhaps you received an unpleasant diagnosis, watched a documentary, read The China Study or your doctor suggested you make better choices. However you found yourself ready to eat or explore eating whole food plant based, welcome.

Congratulations on making an enormously positive decision for your wellbeing!

What you need to know about me is I like my life to be simple. I take the time to research and create the most effective systems in every area of my business and life, and it is my pleasure to share with you what works best for me and my family.

When you do not know what to do first, this is the list for you.

Do This First

1. Watch the film Forks Over Knives and order the book How Not To Die by Dr. Michael Greiger.

2. Shop for replacements: Earth Balance or Miyoko’s Butter in the USA, Nuttelex in Australia (instead of butter), Soy or Almond or Cashew Milk (instead of dairy milk), Go Veggie or Miyoko’s or Treeline Tree Nut brand or Bio if you are in Australia (instead of cheese).

3. Figure out alternatives for your favorite snacks. We always have hummus, carrots, avocados, corn tortillas, bread, tomatoes and marcona almonds in our kitchen.

4. Choose six of your go to recipes and Veganize them. PM me if you need guidance on how to go about this!

5. Research Vegan Friendly and Vegan restaurants in your area. Find a go to cafe and a go to restaurant.

6. Join the group New Vegan Support on Facebook.

7. Read the labels of every box, can and packet of food in your home. Donate anything troublesome.

8. Read the labels of every box, can and packet of food you are considering purchasing at the store.

9. Call your Vegan, Vegetarian or super health conscious friend/s and tell them you want all of their best tips.

10. When in doubt, roast sweet potatoes or yams, make a salad, cook some quinoa or rice and you will have some delicious and filling options ready to go.

You have reached your gourmet vegan destination!

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