My Vegan experience in Auckland had been a challenge. I am proud of being able to find a vegan friendly option almost everywhere, but found myself with some of the most limited options ever in regular Auckland restaurants and cafes.
This was all resolved when after an early morning radio interview I was happy to be within a short walk of one of the Little Bird full seating locations. It is hard to resist the adorable wooden bird house at the entrance, and exciting to have a full plant based menu to peruse. Loving the variety of fresh produce, I ordered toast with a heirloom tomato and greens salad with a generous balsamic dressing. And a cup of english breakfast tea with soy milk. The menu is a dream and it seems endless.
I would eat here all the time if I lived in Auckland. I also ordered a pick me up ginger tea to go which I sipped and revived a number of times throughout the day.
Little Bird calls itself an Unbakery. They offer juices, teas, smoothies, raw options galore and make everything. Highly Recommended!