It is more of my style to want to give you the scoop on Vegan restaurants rather than vegan-friendly, but Real Food had me at hello. After flying for 17 hours across the Pacific from San Francisco, I was excited to be in the heat and bustle of Asia after too many years away. My research showed the closest Vegan options were about a twenty minute walk along Orchard Road and I was ready. This location of Real Food is tucked up in a shopping centre, and well worth the trek.
The mushroom alfredo pasta was sublime and I plotted to return to sample more of the impressive menu.
I am happy to report I visited three times, bringing friends back to share the love. The sweet potato pancakes would be one of my favorite vegan dishes ever. I am on a mission to include the recipe in my Vegan book! The brunch options, the salads, the pastas, the range of tea, (who can resist a pot of ‘Listen To Your Heart’ tea?) It’s awe-inspiring. There are many groceries available in both of the locations I visited, and a substantial number of Vegan options on the menu.
This operation has a huge commitment to health and the planet, and experiencing Real Food was a highlight of my time in Singapore.