Vegan Heaven – TAIPEI, TAIWAN
When you search for Vegan restaurants in a foreign land, and one of them is called Vegan Heaven, you make it happen to get there. This is the tiniest, most adorable store imaginable. Inside is a wondrous array of dessert delights. I could not pass up the opportunity to enjoy a Ginger Ginger Soy Milk and it was love at first sight with the Apple Cake. Oh, that Apple Cake. It deserves capitals. The creamiest, lightest, apple-iest decadence was everything I dreamed it would be.
The range of tiny cookies included blueberry shortbread and chocolate, and the piece de resistance; the Pineapple Cake. It was truly Vegan Heaven to discover a Vegan version of the traditional Taiwanese Pineapple Cake with individually wrapped slices in a gift box for the convenience of traveling across the world. Every detail in this store is handled with care.
Trust me, you really do want to visit Vegan Heaven, and please have an Apple Cake for me. It’s truly worth a trip to Taiwan. PS I bought pineapple cake to take home to New York!!